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Expert Guidance

As an Expert Guide with NASPA's Center for First-generation Student Success, I worked with senior academic leaders, faculty, and staff at 13 institutions to support the implementation of the First Scholars framework. 


Contributor & Consultant

In partnership with Arizona State University and YoutTube, I provided equity-centered consulting and contributions for a new, FREE resource for students called "Crash Course: How to College." 

crash course.PNG


Creator & Host

I created the Rural College Student Experience podcast to provide a platform for rural students' voices which are so often left out of higher education conversations. RCSE is the only podcast dedicated exclusively to centering the perspectives and experiences of rural learners. 


Coach & Consultant

Starting in April 2022, I will serve as Summer Bridge Community of Action Coach for the Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development's Equity Project. I will be serving as a Coach for state partners who will be implementing equity-centered summer bridge programs



Consultant & Trainer

Through an exciting partnership with the National Student Employment Association, I created several resources and trainings for NSEA members to better understand and support their first-generation student populations. For examples of my work, please visit the First Generation Project webpage. 


Consultant & Contributor

My work with U-Thrive Educational Services focuses on ensuring an equitable approach to student mental and emotional health. As a contributor to the "FGLI Thrive" course, I provided content and videos focused on social-capital building, financial literacy, and unique stressors FGLI students encounter.  

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