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Dr. Matt Newlin is the founder and principal of Matt Newlin Consulting. He is a proud first-generation student from a low-income, working class family. Dr. Newlin has worked in higher education for over 16 years advocating for change and equity-focused student support in postsecondary institutions. He has served in leadership roles at Washington University in St. Louis and College Advising Corps, and has provided coaching and training to colleges and universities across the country. Additionally, he is a doctoral advisor in the School of Business & Education at Gwynedd Mercy University and the creator/host/producer of the Rural College Student Experience podcast. 

Dr. Newlin graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia with two bachelor’s degrees (Communication and English). He earned his Master’s of Education in Higher Education from the University of Missouri - St. Louis. He holds a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership from Maryville University where he researched barriers to change and innovation in elite higher education institutions.

In addition to his professional passions, he is obsessed with the two rescue dogs - Taggart and Sammy Jankis - he and his wife, Lisa, adopted from local shelters. If he isn’t reading science fiction or non-fiction titles, he is re-bingeing TV comedies (“Schitt’s Creek” and “Brooklyn 99” are favorites) or trying to convince others that Christopher Nolan is the greatest living filmmaker. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri. 

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