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Equity & Jargon Audits

Postsecondary education is full of jargon and terminology that is often unfamiliar - and confusing - for many underrepresented students and their families. Dr. Newlin works with institutions and organizations to implement equity-minded language across all campus communications, including webpages, marketing materials, student handbooks, and institutional policies.


Resource Creation

The strain on institutional resources, including faculty and staff time, is more dire than ever before. As a result, newly developed resources or programs are often overlooked for more pressing priorities. Dr. Newlin bolsters institutional capacity by creating resources for students, faculty, and staff that might otherwise stall in early stages. Some of the resources Dr. Newlin can develop for your institution include:

  • Debt management/loan repayment and financial literacy guides

  • Research reports and literature reviews for specific populations or institutional challenges

  • Handbooks or training manuals for working with first-generation, low-income, and/or rural students


Faculty & staff professional development

Dr. Newlin has led dozens of workshops or trainings for faculty and staff on a variety of topics, including:

  • Designing inclusive policies and practices for first-generation, low-income students

  • Creating spaces for rural and small town students to succeed

  • Establishing or expanding student affairs for graduate/professional school students

  • Developing effective debt management and financial literacy programs

  • Dr. Newlin will develop a custom, institution-specific training for your campus audience(s).


Institutional Landscape Reports

Colleges and universities are often “too close” to the systemic challenges that need to be addressed in order to increase access and equity on campus. As an objective consultant, Dr. Newlin can help your institution or organization understand how their policies and practices could be harming first-generation, low-income, and rural students. By conducting internal research, Dr. Newlin is able to help institutions critically assess how their systems can be improved. 


Program Assessment

How do you judge if a program is effective? What metrics are used to assess “success”? How is student feedback incorporated into the assessment of campus programs? Dr. Newlin can work with your institution or organization to investigate the effectiveness of programs or resources, including student focus groups/interviews, data analysis, and metrics of success.

Trusted Partners

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